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Drive from Europe to West-Africa overland Part 6

Mauritania… According to various sources, you can now buy a visa for Mauritania at the Mauritanian border. Lately, Mauritania has raised the price of a single entry visa (1 month) from 35 euros to 120 euros per person . Travelers from Arab and African countries pay 80 euros for 1 month. Also, it is required to make use of a… Read More »

Drive from Europe to West-Africa overland Part 1

Overland Travel Guide… Ever considered  driving overland from Europe to West-Africa by yourself? To most people, this is an extraordinary thought. Others may have this plan on their ‘to do’ list and for different reasons didn’t execute the plan. Having done this trip four times and currently planning the next one, it inspired me to share my experiences in this series of articles. It is not so much… Read More »