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Drive from Europe to West-Africa overland Part 7

Senegal… Since July 1, 2013, Senegal has introduced a visa requirement for EU citizens. The rules are as follows: You have to do a pre-enrollment ​​through the website of the Senegalese authorities: www.visasenegal.sn . A step by step description is available in the English and French language. After registration and payment of 52 euros is completed, you will… Read More »

Drive from Europe to West-Africa overland Part 1

Overland Travel Guide… Ever considered  driving overland from Europe to West-Africa by yourself? To most people, this is an extraordinary thought. Others may have this plan on their ‘to do’ list and for different reasons didn’t execute the plan. Having done this trip four times and currently planning the next one, it inspired me to share my experiences in this series of articles. It is not so much… Read More »