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Overland: The costs at a glance

Costs… Before embarking on this great adventure, it might still be interesting to know all the costs involved for such a trip. Through the years, travelling in Africa has become more expensive too. However, in a recent development, the Senegalese government decided to abolish the visa requirements, introduced in 2013 for Europeans (among others). According to… Read More »

How to import a car into Senegal

Import a car into Senegal: The complete procedure… In Senegal, the regulations restrict used vehicle imports to no older than 8 years and for trucks no older than 10 years. If you have a car shipped to Senegal from Europe  for selling or personal use, it will arrive after some twenty days in the port of Dakar on the ‘roll on roll… Read More »

Drive from Europe to West-Africa overland Part 7

Senegal… Since July 1, 2013, Senegal has introduced a visa requirement for EU citizens. The rules are as follows: You have to do a pre-enrollment ​​through the website of the Senegalese authorities: www.visasenegal.sn . A step by step description is available in the English and French language. After registration and payment of 52 euros is completed, you will… Read More »

Drive from Europe to West-Africa overland Part 6

Mauritania… According to various sources, you can now buy a visa for Mauritania at the Mauritanian border. Lately, Mauritania has raised the price of a single entry visa (1 month) from 35 euros to 120 euros per person . Travelers from Arab and African countries pay 80 euros for 1 month. Also, it is required to make use of a… Read More »

Drive from Europe to West-Africa overland Part 5

Morocco… Immigration cards are often handed out on the ferries. Fill them out to speed up passage at the border. For EU citizens, a visa is not necessary. If you’ve arrived in Ceuta, then follow eastbound to Fnideq. After about 5 kilometres you will reach the Moroccan border. If you’ve arrived in Tangier Port, you will be… Read More »

Drive from Europe to West-Africa overland Part 3

Insurance… One important issue to consider is the mandatory liability car insurance. A regular liability car insurance covers your journey up to and including Morocco. After you declared your car off the road for export at your local motor tax office called RDW in Holland, you can insure the car with the ANWB (Royal Dutch Touring Club).… Read More »

Drive from Europe to West-Africa overland Part 1

Overland Travel Guide… Ever considered  driving overland from Europe to West-Africa by yourself? To most people, this is an extraordinary thought. Others may have this plan on their ‘to do’ list and for different reasons didn’t execute the plan. Having done this trip four times and currently planning the next one, it inspired me to share my experiences in this series of articles. It is not so much… Read More »